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Vehicle repairs and fair services without overcharging, our mission is to resolve mechanical issues promptly and effectively. We always take great care of our customers.

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Our Services

Brake Checkup

We guys do Disc pad and electrical parking brake service. Maintaining the best condition of vehicle brakes is highly important to prevent accidents.

Alternator and Drive belts check

We have expertise to diagnose alternator failure and any issue with drive belts and tensioner.

Emergency Breakdown Service

Offering quality car repair services in emergency situations, available 24/7 to offer exceptional services for less charges. Quality work is guaranteed!

Battery Restore

Restoring batteries, we have expertise and experience to maintain batteries and if needed we will replacement the battery with brand new one’s.

Engine Change

Get an engine replacement or a complete overhaul, we do minor and major repairs with complete peace of mind.

Auto Electrical Diagnostics

Electrical Engineers are here to diagnose and resolve any electrical circuit issue. We have our state of the art equipment’s to get the job done.

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We serve better than any other!